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Article when opening the Studio. Article

Article in newspaper "Södra sidan"

Steps in the art market.  View the article here.

Article about people that live of their passion. Article

Article in Eskilstuna kuriren July 2016

From the presentation at the vernissage in Jäders church.

Article in Länstidningen.

länstidningen länstidningen

About to dare to make changes in life and became an artist and entrepreneur.
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Pressrelase KarMa Art- click here!
KarMa Art är tillbaka på Galleri Ulfsunda efter förra årets succé.



Tavlor i inredningen Malou efter tio

malouinredning malouinredning

2- 13 NOV inreds studion av Karma Redesign med konst från Holmström Art & Design och keramik och växter från Systrarna Blom.
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Fri från sockret
Jan 2017

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Article in MåBra Magazine Dec issue 2015.

Painting on TV4 Malou efter tio week 48 2015

Conchita Wurst signing surronded by Holmström Art paintings.
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Conchita Wurst singing in the last show of Malou surrounded by the paintings.

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If nothing else is agreed upon the artist has the right to use the pictures from the painting for her own products (like prints, trays) and for marketing. All photos/paintings are protected with copyright. Please always ask before publishing anything.
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Published in Voyager  View here.

Art project in open space buildning in Stockholm.
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